SF 69 in 1995 established that each county would hire someone to monitor the money spent by the county on the Mentally Ill, Mentally Retarded and the Developmentally Disabled.


  Cass County - Mental Health

In 1995 SF 69 established that each county would hire someone to monitor the money spent by the county on the Mentally Ill, Intellectually Disabled and the Developmentally Disabled.

Cass County hired a CPC Administrator in June 1995. The budget is made up of money from the State of Iowa and County Property Tax dollars. The amount the county can levy for this program was capped in 1997 at the 1995 rate. The growth of the system is picked up by the State of Iowa. Cass County contracts with Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center (SWIMHC) to provide a sliding fee scale for Cass County patients seeking outpatient services.

Cass County may pay for the following services:

Outpatient Counseling

Inpatient treatment at MHI’s (Clarinda, Cherokee, Independence and Mt. Pleasant)

Sheriff Transportation related to Commitments

Mental Health Advocate services

Case Management (State Pays 2/3, County 1/3 of cost)

Other services management when the client is not eligible for TXIX Case Management

Support Community Living arrangements where the client lives in their own home and we contract staff to monitor their needs. May include money management, medication management, apartment upkeep & cleaning, hygiene, personal cares

Diagnostics related to Commitments. (Chapter 229 of the Iowa Code covers how a person may be committed to a facility if he or she is a danger to self or others)

Sheltered Workshop

Supported Employment

Residential Care Facilities

Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled

Home and Community Based Waiver Services (county pays 1/3 of the cost, the state pays 2/3)

Habilitation Services (county pays 1/3 of the cost, the state pays 2/3)

Glenwood and Woodward State Resource Centers

The Mental Health system in Iowa is fractured and the funding sources are hard to track. Some services are paid by Title 19, some are paid part by Title XIX and part county funding, and some are paid 100% county funding.

The County is required to write a Mental Health Plan every 5 years. The County is required to write a Strategic Plan annual report and include data into  the state. We hold stakeholder meetings to get input for our plans and information is inserted into the Plan as appropriate.

Ambulance 911 or 243.2204

Area Education Agency 243.1480

Child Abuse Reporting 1.877.683.0323

Child Care Resource and Referral 1.800.945.9778

Community College (IA Western) 243.5527

County Attorney / Courthouse 243.5406/243.4570

Crisis / Respite Care 1.800.696.5123

Dept of Human Services 243.4401/243.4402

Domestic Abuse - Help! 1.800.696.5123 / 243.6615

Employment Services (Job Service) 243.2351

Extension Services (IA State University) 243.1132

Family Planning/Maternal & Child Health 243.8006

Fire (Cass County) 911 / 243.2204

Food Pantry 243.5019

General Assistance Funds 243.4424

Home Health Care / Hospice 243.8006 / 1.800.993.4345

Hospital - Cass County Memorial 243.3250

Job Training (Promise Jobs) 243.6375

Juvenile Court 1.712.755.3891

Legal Aid 1.800.432.9229

Low Income Housing Assistance 1.641.782.8585

Lutheran Social Services Counseling 243.2920

Meals on Wheels 243.3250

Mental Health Center Southwest Iowa 1.800.458.4403 / 243.2606

Parks / Recreation 243.3542

Planned Parenthood 243.8066

Police / Sheriff 911 / 243.2204

Poison Information 1.800.352.2222

Rape Crisis - Help! 1.800.696.5123 / 243.6615

Senior Citizens Services 1.800.432.9209

Social Security Creston 1.866.613.2827

Support Group Information 243.3250

Teen Health Information 1.800.443.8336

Transit Authority (SWITA) 243.4196

Veterans Affairs 243.4572

Vocational Rehabilitation 243.5346

Voter Registration 243.4570

West Central Dev-Food, Shelter, Clothing 243.5421

WIC (Maternal/Child Nutrition) 243.5421

Zion Recovery 243.5091

Mental Health Director:
Debbie Schuler

Cass County Courthouse
5 West 7th Street
Atlantic, IA 50022

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm
Subject to Cass County Holidays

Office 712.243.4424
FAX 712.243.6666

Mental Health Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Mental Health office

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Mental Health Links:
Iowa Dept of Human Services

Market Square Park - Lewis, Iowa

Park - Griswold, Iowa

Log House - Atlantic, Iowa

Public Library - Anita, Iowa